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- Need help to implement all phases of my state-of-the-art Operation Support System(OSS) for my small business....

- Converting from old-fashioned midrange legacy system to web-based client/server system....

- Need support to maintain my OSS smoothly without having to run around looking for answers when something goes wrong....


These are some of the challenges companies face time to time and here at KnobHill Systems we can help....

Our Clients

Energy and Utilities
Local and State governments

OSSs we helped implement and continue to support
- Integrated Customer Management System ( ICMS )
- Telco Friendly System (DPI TFS)
- Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) / Self-Care Systems
- CARE Pricing & Wisdom Cingular Wireless CRM & Billing System.

Technical Development Areas we specialized in
- Midrange (IBM-i) based developments in ILE RPG & COBOL
- Client Server based programming in java / .Net
- Mobile App Development in Swift/Kotlin on iOs/Android

Why choose us

Expertise: We have over 15 years of successful OSS implementation history with major players in the industry.

Support: We have 24x7 support system to handle and response to your questions

Cost: Our cost-effective project implementation and support model to meet your IT budget

Priority: We will help you implement your immediate and burning business needs and plan the implementation phases accordingly

Delivery: We will help you transition seamlessly to the new system on-time with no or minimal impact on your business.


We provide implementation support for enhancements and maintenance support for DPI TFS and ICMS clients
- We have subject-matter experts (SMEs) who have been helping both US-based and International ICMS/DPI TFS customers with implementation / upgrade / maintenance support for over 15 years.
- We have SMEs who have been part of the product design starting for the inception at IBM New Zealand.

We provide implementation support and consultancy for
- EBPP and Self-Care systems
- Usage-based and/or Flat-rate Rating and Billing for Utility companies

We provide implementation support and consultancy for Lenders to streamline their Commercial and Consumer Lending Businesses